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Treat your feet!

Well, it’s still January, the weather is still grey and miserable and it feels like an age until Spring so I am carrying on my ‘new year, new look’ ponderings to cheer things up a little, at least indoors!

One element that can completely change the look of a room scheme is what is on the floor. Now, I am not suggesting you haul all your furniture out and get new flooring fitted; I’m talking about the cheaper alternative to a floor makeover; rugs. Whether you have a rug shaped hole in your life you need to fill, or your existing rug is starting to show its age with just one too many Ribena stains (or red wine for those without offspring AKA house Nazis), it’s time to change it up and have a fresh start.

I am a seriously big fan of rugs... I personally think every room in the house deserves one; I have them in every single room in my house, including the bathroom and utility room, from my special antique Turkish Kilim in my office to my ‘heavy duty’ cheap but cheerful Ikea buy in the sitting room, to the washable inside/outside rug made from recycled plastic bottles in my kitchen … They are versatile and practical, AND if you are feeling thrifty, they do not have to cost the earth.

The right rug can elevate a room from bland and boring to beautiful; adding colour and texture to bring its surroundings to life. Either full of colour and pattern, or plain and simple, a rug can pull a scheme together, marrying the elements to complete a cohesive and finished look.

... and the BEST thing about them is that you can actually pick them up relatively cheaply, so you don't have to feel guilty about replacing them every couple of years, once they start looking a little lacklustre … don't get me wrong, I still swoon over some seriously gorgeous antique persians or the highest quality luxurious 100% cotton wonders like the Jerada lattice rug below from OKA:

...But, if I had a rug costing over £2000 I would probably never let anyone stand on it…. And, as most fellow mums will know, it is hard to police feet wiping and no shoes when you have children (or even a slightly careless man-child – sorry, hubby). I have a hyperactive toddler who has also been known to do a bit of redecorating himself, by mashing a whole banana in to my sitting room rug. We also have a highly strung Scottish Terrier who is constantly in and out of the garden all day to bark at invisible things whilst trampling around in the flower beds, and a Dachshund who will mercilessly pee up my knitted pouffe when I’m not looking (just to be difficult).

So todays musings focus on getting the look for less with my top 5 super stylish bargain rugs;

1. The modern Kilim…

Full of character, durable and can add a fantastic splash of colour and pattern to any room. The boho look is all in at the moment and I personally don’t think you can go wrong with the fabulous selection of Kilims from Myakka...

2. Trusty Sisal...

​If you want something plain and hardwearing, yet simple and stylish, a sisal rug can add just the right amount of texture to a room without overwhelming the senses. Why not try one with a coloured border for a touch of character. My hall rug (below) was the best purchase ever. For just over £200 it was tailormade at It really couldn’t be easier to specify your size, material and border preference and just 2 weeks later you get a quality custom rug delivered!

3. Shagpile is not passé...

Nothing quite compares to the snuggly comfort a shagpile rug can bring to a room. I can highly recommend them for children’s rooms, especially if you have a little sleep thief who regularly requires you to camp out on the floor at night!

Yes, they have been around for a while and CAN look dated if you don’t use the right styling…

If you want to spend a bit of extra dosh, nothing beats the luxurious quality of wool based wonders like the ‘Shaggy’ from Loaf (pic below).

However, while there are high pile rugs out there that you should avoid (especially if they involve any shiny material!), you can get the natural look for less if you shop around and ‘cop a feel’. This Natural Slumber Berber rug from Dunelm, for example starts from just £45! For that you could replace it every year!

4. Persian...

Timeless classics, Persian style rugs can lend themselves to any design scheme, whether it is completely traditional, bohemian eclectic, or even to bring a touch of the exotic to a more contemporary interior, like the picture below.

Super versatile but perhaps harder to come across quality antique ones to suit a tighter budget. However, type ‘antique Persian rugs’ in to Ebay and get bidding!

The best thing about Persian rugs is they look all the better for a bit of natural ageing. For me, the more faded and threadbare the better, and some people are just giving them away!

You’ll be surprised what you can pick up if you get your eye in a keep watch for auction items.

5. Black and White Stripes...

Simple and super stylish, and last but not least… I love the clean lines and hard contrast you get from a black and white rug… Suiting a more contemporary home, these rugs can lend themselves perfectly to a minimal styled interior. Although they can also be used in a bohemian more eclectic context.

My absolute fav is the ever popular IKEA Stockholm, as seen in both styles below (photos courtesy of Pinterest). For just £100 you can give your room the added punch.

And that's all for now folks. Happy shopping!

Ally x

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