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Interior Design Packages

We have developed our design packages based on demand and experience of designing and furnishing full houses. If you are starting completely from scratch and unsure about direction, we can help you to find your style and realise what is possible within your budget and timeframe. 

Design Process

High Quality, Timeless Comfort and Authentic Character are our goals across the board, and every project, irrespective of style, will include our unique design flair somewhere within!


However, with such a range of interior styles and directions out there to choose from, we have taken the confusion out of the equation and created a levelled approach designed to put the client first and make the most of budget and time constraints. Whilst the scope of our designs vary widely and often can span multiple influences, we have identified 2 basic foundations of style that we work within to help you decide on your initial direction, with fees and lead times adapted to suit...



Design concepts starting at £400 per room

We appreciate the beauty and simplicity of a fresh and practical classic interior with a cohesive, ordered  finish. Whether classic traditional, or classic contemporary, this style direction is more focused on picking the right furnishings and layering textures, along with plain or simply patterned quality soft furnishings that seamlessly blend together to create a more subtle, polished final look. Often, these schemes tend to embrace styles such as New England, Scandinavian or Gustavian; with easy going complimentary colour palletes, and simple patterns used sparingly.


The time and financial savings of these simpler designs are perfect for those needing a quick turnaround, or on a tighter budget. The focus on practicality and a wide ranging appeal has been successful for holiday homes, show homes and commercial spaces, and also for those after a more neutral, paired back look in their own homes. 



Design concepts starting at £700 per room

The natural style of our creator and founder, Ally, is multi-layered and eclectic; favouring a colourful, naturally evolved look that brings fun and vibrancy to every unique design.


Schemes in this more complex style focus more on layering beautiful, designer fabrics and wallpapers, perfecting even the smallest details and decorative trimmings for a high end finish. Innovative use of bolder contrasting colours and patterns are expertly juxtaposed to create a personalised result that truly has a unique wow factor. This style may include more bespoke upholstery, carpentry, wall coverings, and hand-picked antiques and collectibles,  It is ideal for those wanting to push their design boundaries and create an exquisitely individualistic, high impact finish. 

Signature is well suited to those wanting to explore their braver side in their own homes or high end commercial spaces, boutique hotels and B&Bs aiming towards the luxury end of the market. 

Design & Supply...

Multi-room fee reductions of 20% plus fee waiver based on agreed minimum spend... 


This package is perfect for clients with larger projects requiring a high proportion of new furnishings; full house renovations and quick turnaround projects such as second homes or holiday letting properties. We will deal with every aspect of the process for you, from design to completion. Design fees in either of the above styles are vastly reduced based on a contracted agreement of bulk furnishings supply.  

This package allows clients to benefit from the full design experience, plus a tailored personal shopping service whilst making huge savings, both on fees and products. When creating your dream interior, the trick can often be knowing where to find good quality stylish furnishings to suit your budget and timescale. We work with a plethora of high quality partners and suppliers and can offer clients a tailored pick of the most suitable furnishings for their project, with the added bonus of prices below most retail shops.

This service is perfect for those who do not have time to trawl the web or traipse round the shops for the perfect pieces. Budget estimation and detailed furnishings requirement lists will be mutually agreed prior to contract commencement. 

Delivery and Staging are quoted separately.​

Furnished from scratch

No preference on styles?

Not sure which package suits you best?

Feeling overwhelmed by options?


...No worries!

Tell us your budget, timescale and project purpose and we will tailor our service to you.

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