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Upcycling means more than Shabby Chic!

At the start of the second week of 2017, I am only just brushing off the glitter and trauma of the Festive break after enough alcohol and chocolate to sink a battleship; I'm only 9 days in to my detox for 'Dry January' and already missing the wine... a lot!

So, in the interests of alcohol distraction and carrying on the previous theme of updating your home style, I am looking at upcycling this week...

... and by that I don't mean slapping some cream paint on an old table and distressing it - not that I am totally against this but it can be overdone, and high doses of shabby chic-ed furniture in varying shades of white can result a saccharine, 'cutesy' feel (especially when combined with wicker hearts and bunting!)... The latest trend is all about adding an element of the unexpected; a bit of drama and ANYONE can do it.

Think bright colours or rich dark tones to create a really unique style...

Take some Annie Sloan Chalk paint and the world is your oyster. Not only does it require no prepping of surfaces (my AKA DIY shortcutter's dream), it will stick to just about anything; varnished wood, metal, plastic, melamine... and you don't have to be a decorator or an expert to do it... Although I do heartily recommend her book 'Room Recipes for Style and Colour' for some great tips.

Find out more at .

Here is one of my home projects:



A cheap cupboard which was originally in a white, glossy paint finish.


A couple of rough coats of Annie Sloan 'Provence', a bit of a sanding then a good rub down with dark brie wax and you have a transformed beast!

- oodles more character and individuality and all done within 3 hours, outside on a sunny day.

The best thing about this paint is the ability to build up texture, and therefore age a very modern, mass produced piece of furniture.

Play around with colour, from the very bright to very dark. You could even try your hand at decoupage or stenciling; although if doing the latter, try to keep it cool and edgy .

Anything goes - make it reflect you and it's sure to fit right in in your home.

Ally x

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