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Commercial Services

If you have a shop, office space, hotel, pub or restaurant and would like to ensure maximum impact to your customers, we offer a tailored service to suit.

Interior Design tastes have changed a lot in the past few years, mainly due to the influence of Social Media. With more inspirational individualism available to the public than ever through these platforms, minimal and neutral Interiors are becoming less attractive and it is proven that strong contrasts in texture and colour attract the most attention. This is what we specialise in here at Alexandra Johnson Interior Design Ltd!


REAL people are aspiring to authenticity and individuality now, rather than unachievable glitz and glamour, and we believe this is often under-represented in Commercial Spaces. We create spaces that people love to be in. Utilising training in colour chemistry and psychology, with clever use of texture and lighting, we really can tailor the experience of your customers to any purpose and maximise consumer satisfaction.

This page is currently under construction and will be filled with more information and pictures soon. However, if you would like to give your business the edge and invest in a high quality, totally unique interior that gives back more than it costs...

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