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Alexandra Johnson Interior Design Ltd. offers a range of flexible and tailored solutions to suit a wide scope of projects, small or large - from residential and holiday homes to show homes, hospitality and commercial spaces. 


Our ethos is based on a passion for authentic, characterful and unique interior design. We provide a full comprehensive and holistic service from concept to completion, including procurement and project management to suit a wide scope of projects and budgets.


By choosing Alexandra Johnson Interior Design Ltd. you will be sure to get a warm and friendly service alongside a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, impeccable taste and organisational skills, as well as a genuine care for you, your project and your budget.

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"I live and breathe design and aesthetics and the beauty and satisfaction they offer in all aspects of life. For me, the importance of home and comfort is paramount in our everyday lives and I am passionate about creating authentic, liveable spaces for each individual client. Rooms that illicit positive feelings, that hold hidden surprises and that speak of the nuances of the owner are rooms that I like to spend my time in. I understand that for many, bringing their visions to life, whilst taking in to account logistics, space, time and budget is easier said than done, and I delight in providing that link between concept and completion to help my clients realise their dream spaces and enhance their everyday living.  


I pride myself on providing a flexible and dynamic service; drawing on a wide range of influences and styles to create interior spaces that not only work in harmony with their natural surroundings, but also reflect the unique personalities of every individual client I work with. My signature style favours a colourful, eclectic finish that creates the effect of years of natural evolution. But whether I am creating a classic, traditional interior to suit a period property, or a more neutral, contemporary space that amalgamates influences from more modern trends, I make sure that my projects have a finish that is second-to-none in terms of style, timelessness and quality as well as a unique character. 


 I love finding out what makes my clients tick and love even more the smiles on their faces when a project reaches completion."

Ally x

Education and Training...

On top of a priceless plethora of independently gained experience and self-study, Ally has successfully completed qualifications in Critical and Contextual Studies; Colour Chemistry, Visual Culture and Art History at the University of Leeds; a Diploma in Professional Interior Design with The National Design Academy in Nottingham; and a Foundation Degree in Business Leadership and Project Management at the University of Northampton. 

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