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New Year, New You, New Style...

Happy New Year to you all! This year marks the beginning of my (long overdue and much procrastinated over) website and blog, where I will be posting most weeks about whatever interior trends/tips/crushes that pop in to my head! Admittedly, I am finding it a little difficult to get in to the swing of 2017... granted, it has only been 2 days and I think it is totally normal to feel a little jaded after having 'endured' 2 weeks of festive celebrations but there is something about a whole new calendar year approaching that makes me want to CHANGE something; make something better (more than just the usual nagging resolutions of "eat healthier, exercise more, stop drinking my weight in Prosecco every week")... So what better way to get you in gear for the new year than having a home style overhaul?! For the next few weeks I will be looking at how to make small changes in your home for maximum effect, requiring minimum effort or money.

So... on with the show!

The first easiest and fool proof way to update your home.... PAINT! For the cost of a tin and a bit of practise, you can bring the latest trends in to your home. This week I am immersing myself in dark walls...

Embrace the Darkness...

Some people are intimidated by dark colour on walls, and understandably so... It does require a bit of confidence first off, but also a degree of research and experimentation to get it right, dependent on the proportions and natural light sources you have to play with... but if you do decide to take a bold step, this latest trend embraces the enveloping intimacy and drama that dark walls can bring to a room.

If painting a whole room black is enough to give you heart palpitations, why not try one feature wall as a compromise?

... Or a more popular and softer approach to dark walls is using a blue... just like the 'Stiffkey Blue' Farrow and Ball that I used on feature walls in the Snug at one of my recent projects, Lodge Cottage:

My TOP TIPS for making dark walls work:

Break up the darkness with light, texture and/or colour!

Make sure you use light to contrast against the dark, or you may end up feeling like you are living in a dungeon.

- Lighter walls contrasted with one or two dark feature walls are a good way (see above picture)

- Lifting the scheme with bright pops of colour, whether it is in a decorative cushion, fabric or piece of art. Citrus colours work especially well. Or for a softer look, try pastels.

- Add reflective surfaces: Use mirrors, glass lamp bases, metal touches etc. to bounce the light around the room.

- Use natural textures to soften and warm up dark colours; sisal rugs, fur blankets, rustic wood furniture, distressed leather etc.

Have fun!

Ally x

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